Miru is a planner and app for those who struggle with balancing a lot on their plate, and have been overwhelmed by the amount of tasks ahead of them. Using the best of analog and digital planning, it’s meant to be a seamless place to tackle things one task at a time.

Logo concepts and final Logo

A play on the origins of ‘mellow’,
the core tone of the project.

Alternative logos

Planner cover & Plan and Weekly spread samples

The planner consists of Plan Pages, where users can start breaking down projects, makes lists, or take notes, and Weekly Pages, undated with numbered tasks to give the user a focus for their week.

Mobile app

Users will be able to use the app in accompany with the planner or by itself.
All of the Plan and Weekly Pages will be digitized to the app by scanning them.
This provides easy access to Miru’s target users, and the added benefits of reminders and alerts to tasks they need to get done.
The app also houses all the files they wish to upload that may be related to a task or to reference later.

Desktop App

How-To Booklet


Instagram and Pinterest Ads

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